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Self Tan Sheet Protector Black

Tannco is the expert when it comes to self-tanning and spray tanning. They have an amazing collection of products that will help you get that perfect, natural bronze glow you've always dreamed of!

About Tanco

With Tannco you no longer have to spend hours in the sun or worry about harmful UV rays. Their range of self-tanners, sprays, lotions and accessories ensure a flawless and long-lasting complexion, without the hassle of streaks or spots.

What makes Tannco so special is their focus on quality. The special formulas not only provide a beautiful result, but also a hydrated and cared for skin. Whether you are new to the world of tanning or already have experience, Tannco has something for everyone. Their products are easy to apply and dry quickly, so you can quickly enjoy a radiant summer complexion.

Tannco Sheet Protector

With the Tannco Self Tan Sheet Protector Black you protect your sheets against those annoying stains. Do you know that problem? You just applied a self-tanner or spray tan and while you sleep, the color works its magic. Unfortunately, your clean sheets and pillowcase often fall victim to stains and prints. Not exactly a pretty sight, right?

The Tannco sheet is specially designed to protect your bed linen against stains and prints. The soft material feels comfortable against your skin and allows you to move freely while you sleep. No more hassle with cleaning your sheets, but simply enjoy your beautiful tan without any worries.

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