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Attention all K-beauty fans! Whamisa is a brand not to be missed! This brand is known as one of the most innovative Korean skincare due to their special fermentation technology, they have done 10 years of research and are therefore in the top when it comes to skincare!

But what does Whamisa actually stand for? In Korean Wha means flower , Mi means beauty and Sa stands for the number 4. And then why the number 4? Because 4 stands for the 4 elements that you find in all products: fruit, seeds, roots and flowers.

Whamisa and the Fermentation technology

What is Fermentation and what is it so good for? Fermentation is a technique that has been used for centuries in the preparation of skincare. This is mainly done in Asian countries such as: Japan and China. Fermentation acts as a natural preservative and optimizes the absorption of organic products.

Several studies have also shown that fermentation improves the action of ingredients and will reduce toxins. Microbes and bacteria cannot live in an acidic environment!

This technique also cleanses and purifies the skin with the acidic PH created during fermentation. Furthermore, it also helps your skin to better absorb skincare products and the process will also stimulate cell renewal!

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