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HiCurlies was founded by Sven Kwakman in 2020. Sven has tried and tested different hair tools for two years, but he found that most women have trouble creating the right curls. He wanted to solve this problem and that's how the idea of HiCurlies came about! The waver from HiCurlies quickly gives your locks beautiful and shiny curls!

Fast and easy

With the Pro Waver 25MM you can easily and quickly create the perfect curls. This beautiful pink waver has three 25mm rods. The waver is equipped with heated ceramics and this protects your beautiful locks from the heat. This waver also produces negatively charged ions, the result of which are beautiful waves with an amazing shine!

The handy thing about this waver is that you are ready within minutes. Perfect for when you're in a rush to a party or want to stay in bed a little longer in the morning!

You can order HiCurlies online at Boozyshop

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