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D3 Medium Styling Brush Kyoto Cherry Blossom

A professional brush, accessible to everyone!

That is Denman's mission! The Denman products consist of professional brushes, combs and Tangle Tamers in the higher segment, but for a nice price! Until recently, Denman brushes were only available at your favorite hairdresser, but that is now a thing of the past! From now on you can buy your favorite Denman at Boozyshop! Having trouble choosing? Then quickly read on and decide which Denman suits you!

For every hair type?

YES! The Denman brushes are for everyone and there is a suitable Denman brush for every type of hair! Do you have thick / coarse and curly hair? Then take the Denman D1431 Small Grooming Brush, the brush is suitable for detangling, blow-drying, styling and shaping thick / coarse and curly hair! The Denman D5 Large Heavy Styling Brush is also a suitable brush for thick and heavy hair by combing and styling.

Prefer a Denman who can detangle your wet hair painlessly? Then buy a Denman from the Tangle Tamer line.

Long and thick hair but looking for a soft brush that takes care of your hair AND combs through? Then the Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Paddle Brush Pink or black is for you! This brush is suitable for long and thick hair due to the large surface. The bristles of this brush are placed in an air-filled cushion so that the brush follows the contours of your scalp, hello less pain!

Do you have a sensitive scalp? Then try the Denman D93M Tangle Tamer Gentle Pink or Black. This brush has very soft and flexible nylon bristles, so that the brush glides very smoothly through your hair and you do not suffer!

Curly Girl Method

The Denman range consists of different types of hair brushes, but 4 brushes are completely Curly Girl Proof and ensure that your curls come out even more beautiful! Within these 4 brushes you can choose whether you want to go for a better curl definition or do you prefer to detangle your hair? Your curl type also plays an important role! Below you can choose which Denman is suitable for your curls:

  • Denman D3 and D31 - These are brushes with both 7 rows of pins and medium size, they are suitable for short to medium length hair.
  • Denman D4 and D41 - These are brushes with both 9 rows of pins and are large size, they are suitable for medium to long hair.
  • Denman D31 and D41 - These brushes have more space between the pins and are therefore suitable for detangling your hair.
  • Denman D3 and D4 - These brushes have little space between the pins and are therefore more suitable for improving your curl definition.

Curl type

After reading the above, we convinced you to buy a Denman brush, but now you have super beautiful curls and you want to keep them that way, right? That is why it is also important to look at your curl type and buy a suitable brush for it! Below is which brush to use with which curl type!

The D3 Medium Styling Brush is suitable for curl type 2A, 2B, 2C.

The D31 Medium Grooming Brush is suitable for curl type 3A, 3B, 3C.

The D4 Large Styling Brush is suitable for curl type 2A, 2B, 2C.

The D41 Large Grooming Brush is suitable for curl type 4A, 4B, 4C.

Why Denman?

Anyone can buy and use a Denman! Denman is suitable for any type of hair and not only for the curly hair among us. Denman has a wide range at Boozyshop and all brushes have the following qualities:

  • for detangling, blow drying, styling and shaping your hair
  • smooth plastic bristles with rounded tip
  • good for your scalp
  • brush is not stuck in your hair
  • provides maximum grip and control in your hair
  • removable pad
  • removable bristles

In addition, Denman also has a Tangle Tamer line. This line is suitable for all types of hair and especially helps to detangle your wet hair in a painless way, how nice is that ?! All Tange Tamers have bristles that are placed in an air-filled cushion so that the brush follows the contours of your scalp, hello less pain! Due to the well-known teardrop-shaped Denman handle, this brush lies wonderfully in your hand and you will have smooth hair in no time!

The Tangle Tamers cannot be used in combination with a hair dryer

Buy Denman? Shop quickly at Boozyshop!

Are you ready for healthy, smooth and well-groomed hair? Then you've come to the right place at Denman! These iconic brushes help your hair detangle, blow-dry, style and shape! And guess what: you order Denman quickly and easily via Boozyshop. Do you order for more than € 30? Then you will receive a free gift! Super nice, right? Let's do some shopping!